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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Vacation

Mom said Summer Vacation is about over and I need to start working on my skills more diligently.  Need to have all of my obedience skills well establish before I head off to college at KSDS even though it is still a bit away.   Mom  told me there is an entrance exam before you can attend college at KSDS and you need to pass with flying colors to be admitted.

Let me tell you about my vacation -

Ruthie and I have been spending lots of time with Dad.  He likes to come home and take us outside and unwind.  Not sure how you wind up but I sure like spending time with him unwinding.  We might spend time with Dad on the deck with a drink - I only get water since I am still underage - or we go down to the beach swimming and fetching sticks in the lake.   Mom said I am soooooo cool.  I am the only service puppy she has raised that will run and jump off the dock and fetch a stick.  Mom has tried to snap a picture of me so I can share but just has not caught me in mid-air yet.

A BIG test for me - July 4th

Another Holiday came and went and it was a blast !!  Mom and Dad talked to me about Independence Day and what it means to Americans along with talking to me about what happens at night with things called fireworks.  Ruthie said she would stay by my side and watch just in case I got scared of the LOUD noises.  I am proud to say I passed with flying colors - I think better than Ruthie.

Mom likes to decorate for July 4th so we spent the morning of July 3rd decorating.  The fire works at the lake are on July 3.  Ruthie and I had to watch from inside of the house because I decided to test out the lights Mom was putting on the bushes and ruined two of them.  Mom was not a happy camper.  Mom put lots of flags and banners out and Ruthie and I thought the house looked cool.  Guests arrived later in the day and before the fireworks Dad started up the grill and we had a BBQ however my food seemed to taste the same but we did get to eat outside with the other guests.   When it got dark the FUN began.  Ruthie and I did have to watch from inside but the the show was GREAT  !!

Hutch and his Dad
On July 4th we spent most of the day outside or in the water.  We played with Hutch - he is a lab who lives next door along with some of Hutch's two legged friends.   I think I might have a crush on Hutch but I am not going to let him know because Ruthie says I am too young for him.  He is Ruthie's age around 6 years.  Maybe he might have a crush on Ruthie ??  Hutch has a home outside that he spends time in so Ruthie and I get to see him when we go out to "Hurry-up".  I usually say "Hi" to him. 
After July 4th it has been playing, swimming and some great walks with Mom and Dad.   Sometimes when we are out walking we get to play with our friends at the lake beach.  Mom calls them play dates.  There are BIG ones and small ones and I like them all.  I do have my favorites but I am not telling.  Mom says I should be friendly to everyone and not pick favorites.  I really like it when we are at the beach and I get to RUN and jump off the boat loading dock and fetch the sticks.  It feels like I am flying before I land on my belly flopping on the water.  I hope Mom can get a picture of me sometime so I can share. 

This week our beach was kind of off limits.  There was a BIG boat that pulled up with a BIG machine  on it with a BIG shovel.  Dad said that Ruthie and I are great excavators but I think the BIG machine was much better then us.

 Ruthie and I had to watch from the deck because Mom didn't want us to get buried in the sand.   The BIG machine dug out sand from the lake and put it up on the beach along with digging out a BIG long black thing and buried it deeper in the sand.  It was a mess down there for a while.  I heard Dad say they would be spending most of the weekend on the beach racking and tilling the new sand in and I hope that means Ruthie and I will get to spend time with them swimming and playing ??  I heard on the TV it is to be a HOT weekend !!

Ruthie and I went back to our hair place this week.  AKA our groomers.  Mom said we STUNK !!  I had a first !!!  Instead of just getting my hair washed I got it cut like Ruthie does.  That was strange and from what I heard the groomer say to Mom when she picked us up I was not the best behaved camper but since it was my first time at it they said that was normal.  Mom forgot her camera so I don't have a picture to share but I will tell you all of my nice long hair is now gone.  Ruthie and I kind of look like Hutch the lab next door.  

Since I smell nicer I went out with Mom this week on several "Training moments".  We also visited my two legged sister Aunna at her apartment however we had to stay outside because she has two kitties and they were not to pleased to see me.   I could see them through the glass door and they were making funny noises at me.  Baby our kitty at home doesn't do that.

Last but not least my favorite package arrived in the mail.  Science Diet.  I was concerned that the UPS guy might not know where we moved to but all is OK !! 

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