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Sunday, March 2, 2014

It has been a long- long time ??

Good Morning
We won't be going for our weekend walk today - The temp is -4 degrees below zero with wind chill at -25 degrees -  Mom said I should find something to do this morning so since I haven't posted for a while I am on the computer.   We did go for our weekend walk yesterday but Mom made us wear doggie coats.  I liked Ruthie's coat much better because it was a BIG RED one !!  Go Nebraska !!

 Mom and dad had to do their usual thing on Saturday morning - Read the paper and have their cup of coffee - before we got to go out so Ruthie and I hung out with them in the office.  I heard Mom say that they were waiting for it to warm up a little.  The weatherman say it was only 5 degrees outside.   We headed out but boy when we got to the back side of the lake it was COLD !!!!!  The wind was blowing and blowing and took your breath away.  Mom actually stood behind a tree while Ruthie and I did our crazy dance running in circles.  It warmed us up for a while before we headed back.  Was glad when we got home to a warm house though.  Both Ruthie and I headed straight to the fireplace and laid down.  Everyone stayed inside the rest of the day.  

It has been a SLOW month in Village Land.  It has been COLD here so our walks are limited and we spend more time inside.  Mom sometimes opens the front door so we can watch the snow fall and the occasional animal walk by.  We have these big birds that roam around the woods in front of our house and Ruthie and I like to bark at them.  I hope Mom and Dad don't go get one of them and cook it - They did that to one of them at Thanksgiving. 

Ruthie and I did go to the beauty shop last week.  I am proud to say I did not get car sick in the car.  I actually waited until we got back home and went around to the side of the house and made my deposit.  Dad found it the next day frozen.   He picked it up along with the poo Ruthie and I deposit over there. 
Mom has been in the kitchen doing a lot of winter baking.  It makes the house smell sooooooo good.  I wish Mom would share some of the goodies with us but she only shares with Dad.  I did hear Mom say she would make us some doggie cookies after she goes grocery shopping on Tuesday.  She needs some special doggie ingredients.  Ruthie has allergies and Mom has to be careful what she gets for treats.  Me, I eat anything and everything !!!
Mom and Dad have been babysitting their neighbor's house and when they got back they gave Mom and Dad a special treat.  Ruthie and I were hoping they were going to share but Dad said I wasn't old enough and even though Ruthie was he said it was tooooo strong !!   Mom took one and made funny faces so probably glad we didn't get any. 
While Dad and Mom were tasting their treats Ruthie and I chilled.   Still wearing my fashion booties.  Like the pink ones ??
Ruthie and I are sad to say that our GREAT doggie friend next door - Hutch - went to the Rainbow Bridge.  He had been sick for a while.  He had an outside kennel on the side of his parent's house and when Ruthie and I would go out we usually stopped and visited him.   We would also all be swimming in the lake in the summer.  We will ALL miss him. 

In Memory of Hutch

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