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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life after being released from KSDS College

Things are sure different now that I am not in pre-training for KSDS Guide/Service Dog College.   I have not had to study or go out on  training adventures or anything.  I get to sleep in, have a late breakfast, play with Ruthie or just hang out, go on long walks with Mom or Mom/Dad on the weekends, stay up late at night and enjoy some refreshments with Dad and NO car rides !!  Mom doesn't seem to follow my every move any more and I don't have to pose for the camera as much.

It is GREAT not to have gotten car sick now for about 8 weeks.   I heard Mom say she is going to take me out for a ride on my birthday on June 6 and see if maybe things have changed about my car sickness after not having to ride by then for almost three months.  Not looking forward to it !!  My other litter mates are next to be called back to KSDS Guide/Service College school in June and I heard through the grapevine that some of my other mates get car sick too.  Hope they have outgrown it and get to complete College and not get released.  I saw some pictures of the new arrivals training and in class on facebook.

One of the other reasons I have not been able to write is that Mom and Dad are remodeling our house and the computer has been out of commission off and on.  Mom has this small thing she holds in her hands and I see her checking things on it but Mom won't let me on.   She says it is not paw proof. 

Bill the contractor has been coming to our house just about everyday for the last month.  He is a nice guy but shoo's us away when we try and help him clean up the stuff off the floor.  Ruthie and I thought he would like some extra help since he is here alone most of the time but that is not the case.  He puts us out on the deck sometimes and we have to watch from outside.   Sometimes though we have to go in the mud room because it has been more like winter around here then spring with temps in the 30s and even some of that white stuff snow falling.   Listening to the news on TV as I am writing this and it sounds like warmer weather today - 60s. 

Every weekend now for a month Mom and Dad have been working on tearing stuff up around the house.  I am not too keen on this since it has encroached on our weekend walks.  Sometimes we don't even go or Dad just takes us out.   One time we didn't even go till is was almost dark.   However, Mom bought these cool leashes that have lights on them so we are lit up and people can see us out walking.  Kind of like our own Christmas lights.

Mom and Dad along with my
two legged sisters went to see my
Grandma in Wahoo on St. Paddy's Day.  Since I am on sabbatical from car rides I didn't get to go.  I really liked going to the care center so I wish my car sickness was over.  Mom and Dad brought pictures though for Ruthie and I to see.   Everyone also went out for Easter dinner and again I had to stay home.  I miss not seeing everyone.

Schense Remodeling Crew !!


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