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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Look Back

It was soooo HOT this week that Ruthie and I didn't even get to go swimming much.  The sand burns our pads then it is soooo HOT on the deck that we can't stay out there and dry off.  I can't read the thing Mom reads to know what the temps are but I heard her say it was around 100+ everyday. 

Mom and I didn't go out this week for "Training Moments"   I am glad since I already have a fur coat on then I have to wear a coat when we are out training.   Mom is concerned I might be regressing on my schooling so she said when the temps cool down we will have to double up on training.

All of my Sisters and Brothers and Mom

Since I really don't have much to write about this week except the same old - same old I thought I would take a look back -

Gardening with Mom

TV crew - I was on the Morning News

Halloween FUN !

Lowes - Out training

At a School presentation with Mom and Ruthie

First Snow

Dressing Up

My favirote thing in the World !

Out training with sister Aunna

Swimming !!

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